Finland is an attractive country that benefits much from the cultural exchange with its eastern and western neighbors. Due to its large number of lakes, Finland is known as the “Land of Lakes.”  Due to this reason, Finland is a popular tourist destination, and many foreigners now call Finland home. People thinking of relocating to Finland, as well as the ones living there, have numerous questions about the local healthcare system and whether or not they need to purchase additional private health insurance. And for the best health companies in Finland, check out ReviewsBird to see what other people are saying about particular companies and then decide which one you should go with.

If you are an international student or a native Finn, this resource will help you understand the Finnish healthcare system.

Health Insurance and Health Care System in Finland

Everyone who has a permanent residence in Finland is eligible for health insurance coverage. Employers, employees, and the state all contribute money toward the overall cost of the health insurance program. Payment for medical expenses, reimbursement for travel expenses, and reimbursement for the cost of private health care services are some things covered by health insurance, along with parental and sick leave.

1. National Health Insurance

All Finnish citizens are expected to participate by law in the National Health Insurance (NHI) program. Social Insurance Institution KELA manages the mandatory National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme for all Finns out of roughly 260 regional offices. This organization provides services for families such as rehabilitation, basic unemployment security, housing assistance, student financial help, and state-guaranteed pensions.

Outpatient medications, private medical treatment, travel to and from medical institutions, paid sick and maternity leave, and some forms of rehabilitation are all partially or fully covered by the NHI.

Regarding occupational healthcare, the NHI will pay a percentage of your costs for services rendered to you and your family. Supplementing the reimbursement rate of NHI is the primary function of additional volunteer health insurance in the Finnish system.

2. Finland’s Private Health Insurance

Supplemental private health insurance is popular among Finns since it provides faster service and more options when seeking medical attention. Ten percent or more of Finland’s medical professionals are self-employed. One-third of medical professionals also operate their private practice in addition to their public sector employment.

3. Health Insurance for Your Finnish Vacation

For travelers from the European Economic Area carrying a valid European Health Insurance Card, emergency medical care in Finland is offered at the same subsidized rate as for Finnish citizens (EHIC).

Anyone from another country should have full coverage insurance. You may need private travel health insurance in Finland or an international health policy to pay for any medical care.

4. Expat Health Insurance

Nordic expats are entitled to the same care as Finnish locals but must prove their citizenship with a Nordic ID card. EU nationals can obtain the same medical care as Finns. Before traveling, they need a European Health Insurance Card.

The Final Verdict

The Finnish government can provide you with advice and a variety of coverage to suit your needs in regard to your health. Finland offers a wide range of medical and travel insurance options, with a scope for a wide range of services. There are some restrictions from the Finnish government regarding the healthcare system, and you might need to be insured in some areas. You may choose to do otherwise in some cases.