Popular Reviews in Sweden are an inroad to knowing many Sweden-based companies. These companies cut across many works of life. In recent times, there have been many rising wellness startups in Sweden. But not many of them have been able to make significant strides. This is due to their respective effectiveness, different marketing strategies, adopted delivery patterns, customer satisfaction, meeting the Swedish government’s demands, and overall relevance to the Swedish populace.

The article, however, walks you through some of Sweden’s wellness and health startups. Specifically diet companies in Sweden that have carved good spaces for their names in the Swedish fitness and wellness ecosystem.

List Of Top Health And Wellness Startups In Sweden

Know that the earlier-mentioned qualities judge the list of startups mentioned here.

1. Grace Health

Grace Health is one of Sweden’s top health business startups that focuses mainly on women. It’s been making waves for some time now. The company helps women with information about cycle tracking, fertility information, and other women-specific health-related gynecological issues. Grace Health has gained ground across some West and East African countries too.

2. Doktor.se

This company had, in 2016, $190M in funding. It has, over the years, gained over 800 active users.  This is one of Sweden’s biggest healthcare startups that started with the aim of being positively different.

The company links up different physical clinics and certain classes of hospitals across the country. It’s compulsory in the company’s linking pattern criteria that the therapists, nurses, and doctors across all of its linked medical institutions, are professionals.


This Swedish health startup connects different people with the same fitness and wellness interests, specifically as it relates to working out. TROOPR has a marketplace where new users can find different workouts created by others.


YOURBET uses nutrition science and advanced technology to bring people new food and healthy dietary patterns. As a nutrition platform, this company is an ecosystem where healthy and eco-friendly diets are made easily accessible, with the hope that it becomes the norm over time.

5. Kams Glams

Kams Glams is a Swedish health startup that deals in vitamins, supplements, and skincare products. These products are enriched with other vegan ingredients. This is one of the homes of superfoods in Sweden.

6. Gymgo

Gymgo is a Swedish fitness hub that allows users to make searches about different fitness centers and provide them with information on the quality offered in each location, the prices, the number of trainers, and other customers’ reviews so that intending fitness enthusiasts or newbies would have a headway and know what they are signing up for. Currently has Sweden’s biggest gym database.


The health and wellness startups contained here are not all there are in Sweden. However, these ones somehow managed to make good names for themselves, judging from their track records and current relevance. However, there are growing and continuous changes in the systems for other emerging wellness hubs. This means they are all subject to changes.